• ARTICLE - Help save Peel Healthcare

Knight’s Table Honors its volunteers

Regarded as the lifeline of Knights Table, Brampton’s three-meals-a-day every day of the year soup kitchen, about 160 volunteers and donors were recently honoured with awards for their good work. Knights Table began in 1990, when Brampton resident Cecil Peters saw a man sifting through garbage in search of a meal. Peters talked with Knights […]

Help Save public Healthcare

Peel Health Coalition (PHC) is a non-partisan network of community members, agencies, healthcare professionals, frontline workers and activists, who want to improve the healthcare system in Peel and in Canada, and who want to keep our healthcare system in public hands, under public control.

ODSP changes will leave many worse off

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) provides cash to help with living expenses for people with disabilities and their families. Prescription drugs and vision care may also be covered, and help with finding and keeping a job.  Ontario Premier Doug Ford wants to overhaul ODSP, but his changes will leave many people worse off. ODSP reduces […]

Trees for all

All parts of Peel are into trees this spring. Mississauga, with a million trees on public land (250,000 of them on boulevards) is planting a tree of knowledge — educating Mississaugans about telling the City’s Forestry department about dead or dying or damaged trees. And what to do after a tree-ravaging storm. On the brighter […]

Did your vote count last year?

How is it possible that a government opposed by a sizable majority of voters apparently has carte blanche to do whatever it wants? The root of our problem is a wonky electoral system which effectively disenfranchises half the population entitled to representation and throws our constitutional machinery out of gear.

Seniors’ Lunch Bunch

VON Peel hosts weekly seniors-only lunch clubs, named Senior’s Lunch Bunch and held in various locations across Mississauga. Local seniors mix and mingle while eating a freshly prepared nutritious meal. Want to join a lunch group? Call 905 821-3254.

“Devastating” cut to Legal Aid

In the last fiscal year, Legal Aid Ontario lost $133 million in funding, and is set to lose another $164 million two years from now. Here’s what Jack Fleming, Executive Director of North Peel and Dufferin Community Legal Services, has to say.

Ford drags Brampton backward says NDP

Ford’s budget budget cuts $1 billion from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services; underfunds health care below the rate of inflation, which means more hallway medicine and no new hospital; and brampton will no longer be getting a new university campus.